Tania’s Story

Five years ago, Tania made a New Year’s Resolution: record how each day went for a whole year by marking a calendar with great, ok, bad. It didn’t take too long for Tania to realize that most of her bad days were 7 - 10 days before her monthly cycle.

Believing that life if too short to suffer 122 days out of the year, Tania began to research PMS and remedies. She learned that severe cravings, particularly for sugar, is the most common symptom of PMS. Realizing that she was visiting Modern Pastry in the heart of Boston’s North End too frequently during her PMS week, Tania set out to create a healthy alternative.

Tania spent hours in her rustic, North End apartment mixing dates, cocoa powder, oats, to make the perfect, decadent treat. Eventually she began to research herbs that women commonly take for bloating, cramping, and irritability; Tania’s top three symptoms. Concocting the perfect mix of chamomile, Siberian Ginseng, and dandelion root, and mixing into the original recipe was the birth of PMS Bites.